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I. Love. Mexican. Food.

Well, actually I love food in general, but I do particularly love me some hot and spicy comida Mexicana every now and then.

When I was in high school, and later while in college, I did not eat Primally, but I did eat low carb. So whenever I got the urge to indulge in some quick Mexican food, I would head on over to Taco Bell or Del Taco and order a taco salad (no chips, beans, or tortilla shell) or just some plain tacos (dump the contents of the shell and mix it with some hot sauce). I actually preferred the taco option because I felt like I got a better meat to lettuce ratio.  Also, places love to throw in rice as a cheap filler. I knew I wouldn’t have to even worry about that when ordering tacos.


Over the years as I learn more and my eating evolves, I generally skip the Taco Bell’s and Del Taco’s of the fast food nation and head over to more authentic, yet quick service, establishments. Today I am going to tell you about Fausto’s.  Fausto’s Mexican Grill is almost identical to Roberto’s Taco Shop. So, if you have a Roberto’s near you, you could order the exact same thing I’m about to tell you about there.

Food is made to order but has a fresher, more authentic quality to it. No, I’m sure it’s not like visiting a taco stand in Mexico City, Mexico, but it’s as close to authentic as I have found North of the border.

Fausto’s has an extensive menu for a fast food joint: enchiladas, burritos, chimichangas, ceviche, tortas, nachos, menudo, etc. Good stuff! There are also a variety of meats: chicken, pork carnitas, steak, machaca, adobada, carne asada, and chorizo. Basically, you pick whatever meat you want in whatever “vessel” from which you want to devour it.

There are usually 2 problems with Mexican food: 1) The “vessel;” and 2) the sides. Let me begin with the “vessel.” The vessel is whatever holds your meat. It can be a flour tortilla, corn tortilla, or bread. The bread and flour tortillas are typically bland and really offer very little to a meal flavor wise. The corn tortilla on the other hand has a flavorful, sweet taste. It does impart flavor, but sweet corn has been altered so much from it’s original state, field corn, that it could probably be considered the original GMO. Other than that, I just find it incredibly difficult to put something that is used to make plastic, chemicals, and fuel into my body. I would love to hear an argument as to why eating corn throughout the course of a lifetime causes no harm to ones health.

Next we have the sides. We all know what a combo platter means…rice and beans. Both are no-no’s on a Low Carb Primal diet. So how do you get around that? Don’t order a combo! Only order a la carte. In the end, it is cheaper and you get exactly what you want. Sounds win-win to me.

Fausto’s is great because they willingly customize your order. My sister likes to order the carne asado burrito without a tortilla. She gets a sizzling pile of carne asada topped with fresh salsa.


My dad gets machaca scrambled with eggs. Machaca is slow cooked, seasoned beef that stews in its own juices. It is tender and succulent.


If you order one of these dishes and take advantage of their complimentary salsa and pickled vegetables bar, you have a pretty substantial meal.

I know I didn’t mention the obvious taco salad. I do occasionally order one, but I usually stay away from the taco salads because I have to request no beans, rice, or tortilla shell. I also find that I get a ton of lettuce. While I do enjoy salads, I am not a rabbit and would have  to eat about 3 pounds of lettuce to feel satisfied…only to be hungry again an hour later.

I hope this article gave you some ideas of foods you can order while visiting your favorite “quick service” Mexican restaurant beyond the taco salad. Comment below on what you like to order and how you customize it for your Primal lifestyle.

Until next time, keep it primal.