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Brewing Some ‘Booch!


Yesterday, I got my first SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) from Kombucha Kamp in the mail and I am so excited! The service was easy, quick, and not to mention, friendly. I received a nice handwritten note thanking me for my order. Good vibes = happy SCOBY = yummy ‘booch!

I have been trying to incorporate more fermented foods and beverages into my diet, so I thought I would give this a try. I have bought Kombucha many times and enjoy the fizzy, tangy beverage. The scorching heat of southern Nevada often begs for a cool drink to help cut the heat. What better way to accomplish this than to brew your own ‘booch!?!

So, what’s the point? What do you stand to gain from drinking Kombucha? Well, I’ll give you the short version and if you are interested in the details of WHY, leave a comment and I’ll do a future post about it.

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Immune Boosting

Joint Care

Aids Digestion

Promotes a Healthy Gut

Liver Detoxifier

The starter kit came with: organic evaporated cane sugar, organic loose leaf tea blend, starter liquid, a SCOBY, a tightly woven cloth, and a rubber band. Kombucha Kamp provides a helpful recipe with easy to follow instructions for brewing your Kombucha. Since I am new to this and I am dealing with a living organism, it is imperative that directions are followed exactly. The last thing I want to do is kill my innocent little SCOBY. I suggest you read the entire recipe prior to getting started. Then set up your work space with all of your supplies and ingredients. I mean, this isn’t rocket science. All you are really doing is brewing some tea, but you do want to make sure you do it right.


‘Booch Brewing Steps

  1. Gather your ingredients and supplies.     ingredients     supplies
  2. Heat your purified water. Do NOT boil. Bring it almost to a boil then turn off the heat and let it rest for a few minutes.
  3. Put water in your brewing container and add your tea.     teabags
  4. Remove tea and add sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved.     sugar dissolved
  5. Add your room temperature water. This should drop the temp of your tea to lukewarm.
  6. Add your SCOBY along with the starter liquid.
  7. Cover the container with cloth and secure with rubber band.     finished (Baby in background not necessary!)
  8. Place your ‘booch in a dark, warm, and ventilated area for 7-21 days.

Now the waiting game begins! After 7  days, you can always taste your ‘booch to see if it is ready…or you can buy some pH strips to be extra positive. The pH should be between 3.5-2.5. If you let it go too long you will end up with…vinegar!  Not really what you want so keep an eye on it.

We’ll check back on the ‘booch in 7 days. Until then, keep it primal.